RMNI  50 years Anniversary Coming 2020!

RMNI has served as community inspiration and a legacy of Liberian excellence. It has grown since its founding in 1970. During that time, RMNI has withstood civil wars, Ebola, economic insecurity and now the Coronavirus pandemic. Yet it has stood strong through these obstacles and more.

We remain committed to providing the best education possible to prepare our students to compete globally in the 21st century while remaining strong citizens with a good moral foundation. Here are our plans to see RMNI continue to excel and even improve for the next 50 years.

The importance of keeping RMNI in Monrovia, Liberia:

Monrovia is the capital of Liberia. By educating students here, they will have access to more potential educational activities and work experience in a developing, modern city.

The Children of the Founders commitment to keeping their parents legacies:

We have unwavering dedication to helping students grow into intelligent, intellectual adults, just as our parents were.

Richard M. Nixon Institute Scholarships

Over 60% of the students at RMNI benefit from various types of scholarships. For instance, there are need-based and merit based scholarships as well as sports and service scholarships available for competent students.

We also offer scholarship opportunities in partnership with The University of Liberia. 

Visit the Richard M Nixon Alumni Association website for more information about this exciting event.

RMNIAA 50th Anniversary 2020

A grandson at work keeping the legacy strong!