Richard M. Nixon Institute


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Richard M. Nixon Institute (RMNI) is a leading K-12 educational institution in Liberia. We have a rich legacy, for over 50 years our young students have been coming to take advantage of our rigorous academics, moral development/guidance/cultivation, extensive athletic offerings, and a wide variety of social and cultural opportunities. Please spend time with us, and you will notice that our tradition of building emerging African leaders continues to thrive. Richard M. Nixon Institute truly is a wonderful place! Ask our alumni, many who have distinguished themselves in many areas of service to humanity in Liberia and beyond. We look forward to welcoming you.

Our Mission 

Richard M. Nixon Institute will provide a broad range of academic, social, and cultural experiences in a clean, safe, and healthy environment that will prepare our students to be successful in college and to become leaders in society.

Our Vision

Richard M. Nixon Institute will develop high-achieving students who will transition to the rigor and expectations of college, the world of work, and life beyond high school.

Our Goal

All students will meet or exceed proficiency targets in all content areas and at all grade levels.

Our Demographics

Total Enrollment: 328

Grades: K–12

Faculty and Staff: 11

Size of Senior Class: 42

Ethnic Composition: 100% Africans

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